This image shows the AirSept GM Retrofit Cabin Air Filter for which the company received its patent. Show is the filter media that is white and the filter is shown inside a vehicle.

AirSept, the industry leader in the development of OEM and aftermarket solutions for complex automotive repair problems, has been granted a patent for its OEM-approved GM Retrofit Cabin Air Filter. The new patent raises AirSept’s portfolio to more than 30 issued patents.

According to AirSept president Aaron Becker, GM built over 5 million full-size pickup trucks and SUVs from 2007 to 2014 with a cavity for cabin air filters (CAFs), but with no factory-equipped CAF installed. 

“As a result, it is impossible to access the underdash cavity without bending the filter around the transmission bellhousing. Unfortunately, bending a traditional CAF cracks and tears its frame, allowing ingress of pollen, bacteria, dirt, soot and other airborne contaminants and rendering the filter ineffective,” explained Becker. 

AirSept’s GM Retrofit Cabin Air Filter features a segmented frame that bends to go around obstacles, then straightens as the technician inserts it in the CAF opening. The product can be installed in about 15 minutes or less following AirSept’s four-step installation process that requires no special tools. Installing the retrofit filter greatly reduces in-cabin dust and pollutants and extends blower motor service life. Standard and extra odor protection carbon filter versions are available. 

“We are pleased that our patent has been granted for this handy retrofit filter that helps promote clean air within the vehicle,” said Becker. “Our product provides repair shops with a beneficial business opportunity.”

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