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Continental, a global supplier of brake systems and components, has expanded the portfolio of ATE brake fluids for the automotive aftermarket with its new advanced, OE quality, ATE Super DOT 5.1. This state-of-the-art DOT brake fluid features a high wet boiling point and excellent flowability (viscosity) even in very cold operating conditions.

Dan Caciolo, Head of Product Management for Engine Management & Brake Systems, made the announcement for the North American aftermarket, noting the increasing applications of DOT 5.1 class brake fluids by leading car manufacturers. “More and more carmakers are specifying DOT 5.1 for their vehicles, and we want to make sure that this new manufacturer-recommended brake fluid is readily available as a replacement fluid for our aftermarket customers in the U.S. and Canada,” Caciolo explains.

Setting new technological standards
ATE Super DOT 5.1 premium brake fluid sets new technological standards for brake fluids. It combines a high wet boiling point of 356 °F and outstanding viscosity at very low temperatures, something that previously available brake fluids could not achieve. With a maximum of 750 mm²/sec. at -40 °F, ATE Super DOT 5.1 viscosity values exceed even those of ISO Class 6, which are well above the specifications for DOT 5.1 class brake fluids.

Caciolo adds, “This is why “Super” was added to the product name. Thanks to its low viscosity, ATE Super DOT 5.1 enables driving safety systems to react quickly even in extremely cold conditions. The high wet boiling point ensures the best possible functionality under high brake loads and also delivers a longer service life, because it only has to be changed every three years.”

ATE Super DOT 5.1 complies with international specifications and is available in 1L, 5L and 20L sizes.

Please note: ATE Super DOT 5.1 is a glycol ether-based brake fluid and must never be mixed with silicone-based DOT 5 class brake fluids.

Continental also recommends that technicians should always change brake fluid in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and only use the specific brake fluid rec-ommended by the OEM.

Exceptional DOT brake fluid range
In addition to Super DOT 5.1, Continental offers a range of exceptional ATE DOT 4 replacement brake fluids formulated to meet specific vehicle performance and safety requirements. The line includes ATE SL.6 Brake Fluid, an ideal brake fluid replacement for ESP, ABS, and ASR electronic brake systems; ATE SL for hydraulic brake and clutch systems; and ATE Typ 200 for the extreme demands of high performance and racing applications.

ATE (www.ate-na.com) is an aftermarket brand of Continental, one of the world’s leading brake system manufacturers and suppliers. From the introduction of the first hydraulic brake system in 1926 to the development of the first antilock braking system prototype in 1967, the ATE brand has a rich history of innovation and experience in the design and production of advanced brake system technologies.

Continental is a leading aftermarket supplier of OE-engineered parts for HVAC and engine cooling, door systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, engine management, fuel systems and instrumentation, as well as automotive diagnostic systems, premium wiper blades, and brake system parts and fluid.

For more information: www.ate-na.com or contact: salessupport-us@ate-na.com.

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