A vehicle pre-check can help technicians spot hidden issues that need repair. By including the Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite in their pre-check routine, automotive service professionals are able to detect vehicle faults that aren’t visible to the naked eye, identify both functioning and non-functioning components easily, and diagnose the vehicle more quickly and accurately.   

“We hear frequently from professional technicians that adding a pre-check with our Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite has helped them make more informed diagnostic decisions and save time by avoiding concealed repair issues,” said Helen Cox, senior marketing manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “Using the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite together with a Snap-on diagnostic scanner improves productivity even further, allowing shops to efficiently diagnose and repair more vehicles and enhance customer communications.”

The Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite uses infrared technology to reveal heat caused by friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes and more to help professional technicians track down vehicle faults and find the fix faster, without having to hope or guess that the code was the right one after all. 

It delivers detailed images composed of 4,800 distinct temperature zones, making extreme temperatures up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit visible with absolute precision anywhere under the hood or around the car. A fully loaded database of automotive applications, guided tests and reference images help technicians interpret results, putting a more accurate diagnosis and productivity in clear view, on every job.

When the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite is combined with Snap-on diagnostic scanner platforms that offer pre- and post-scan reports, including ZEUS, Apollo D8, VERUS, MODIS, SOLUS and ETHOS families, technicians now have a complete productivity solution. 

The pre-scan code identification helps speed the diagnosis and repair, and when followed by a post-scan after work is finished, confirms all were completed properly. It gives the shop something to hand to their customer, showing them the issues found on the vehicle when it first arrived and how those have been resolved now, aiding customer satisfaction. Reports can be printed or emailed to customers as well as used to fulfill mandates by the manufacturers and many insurance companies for pre- and post-collision work.

To learn more information about how the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite can enhance the pre-check process, visit http://diagnostics.snapon.com or talk to a Snap-on franchisee or other Snap-on sales representative.

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