About Mark Phillips, AAP

Mark Phillips is the editor and video host of Aftermarket Intel, a global hub for automotive aftermarket and emerging technology news. Through an automotive media career spanning more than 16 years, Mark has etched his name as a respected authority within the industry. His passion for automotive news and his trusted insights have taken him around the globe, from the bustling automotive shows of China, Japan and Taipei to the historic automotive landscapes of Italy and Germany and the vibrant streets of Panama.

In 2012, Mark earned the coveted Automotive Aftermarket Professional (AAP) Certification from Northwood University, a testament to his dedication and deep understanding of the industry.

Throughout his rich career in automotive media, Mark has curated an array of high-impact sponsored content campaigns. His innovative collaborations with industry titans, including the likes of UPS, have consistently driven conversations and sparked interest in the world of automotive and transportation.

Connect with Mark:

Mark can be reached at mark@lpnewmedia.com.

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