A look at Whetron Electronics: Pioneering automotive tech innovation with four core technologies

Whetron booth at the 2023 Taipei AMPA/Autotronics show. Photo by Mark Phillips/Aftermarket Intel.

Whetron Electronics Corp. Ltd., a leader in automotive-use electronics, continues to lead the way in technological innovation. Established almost 40 years ago, Whetron has carved out a strong presence, primarily focusing on original equipment (OE) components.

At the heart of Whetron’s product line are four core technologies: wireless, camera, radar and ultrasonic.

The company utilizes these technologies to produce a wide array of automotive electronics such as Smart Keyless systems, ADAS Cameras and 77GHz Radar for a variety of applications. The company’s portfolio also includes ultrasonic-based parking sensors, door sensors and other sensor solutions geared towards automotive applications.

Whetron was one of more than 830 exhibitors at the recent 2023 Taipei AMPA/Autotronics show.

Whetron is an accredited vendor and sole supplier for various automotive brands such as Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, KTM and Ford. The company prides itself on being ranked among the top 10 regional and global suppliers in the camera, radar and ultrasonic sectors.

Learn more about Whetron here.

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