A look at parts: The alternator, by DT Spare Parts

The alternator provides the power required for the vehicle's electrical system for all operating conditions that occur during driving.

The alternator provides the power required for the vehicle’s electrical system for all operating conditions that occur during driving.

This also ensures that the starter battery, as an energy storage system, is always sufficiently charged. The charge limitation the alternator must be adjusted to the practical operating conditions of the vehicle so that the minimum energy generated is at least equal to what all consumers can use at the same time.

The alternator initially generates an alternating current, which must first be converted into direct current in order to be stored as electrical energy.

The armatures are made of high-quality magnetizable steel with narrow gaps between the rotor and stator, ensuring maximum performance. The rotor is balanced to achieve quiet running and low wear on the ball bearings.

The voltage regulators are equipped with quality carbon brushes. These ensure long-lasting, trouble-free operation.

The material of the rectifier is highly resistant to temperature. The insulation is designed for temperatures of up to 240 °C.

The stator is made of special magnetizable steel and precisely calculated coils which are covered by temperature-resistant, electrically non-conductive insulation.

The rectification of the alternating current by means of surge-proof rectifier diodes ensures long-term operation, even with maximum power and high fluctuations in voltage in the vehicle’s electrical system. DT Spare Parts generators contain quality bearings from Europe and Japan to ensure a long service life.

Tips & tricks:
•Check that contacts of the controller are sound before installation.
•It is also important that all the components for the assembly are free of contaminants.
•When selecting the belt pulley, make sure that it fits with both the belt and the intended shaft.

Parts of an alternator:

  1. Ball bearings
  2. Fan impeller
  3. Stator with coil
  4. Rotor with coil
  5. Rectifier
  6. Voltage regulator

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