After months of intense preparations, the organization of the 2020 South China Connected Auto and Smart Transport Expo (CASTex) was officially launched.

Aiming to promote the development of connected automobile and intelligent transportation industries in China, CASTex is jointly organized by the Guangdong Connected Auto and Smart Transport Committee (Guangdong CAST Committee) and the international exhibition agency Baobao Tree Event Management Company Limited (BTE), and is supported by the Department of Industry & Information Technology of Guangdong Province, the Electronic Government Association of Guangdong Province, the New Smart City Construction Service Center of Guangdong Province, and the Intelligent Transportation Laboratory of the Institute of Software Application Technology of Guangzhou Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS Guangzhou).

Announcement by Newly Inaugurated Guangdong Connected Auto & Smart Transport Committee
The First South China Connected Auto & Smart Transport Expo to be held in June 2020

The Guangdong Connected Auto and Smart Transport Committee was officially inaugurated on 15 October 2019 at the Institute of Engineering and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nansha, Guangzhou, under witness of leaders from the Equipment Industry Office and Industry Development Office of Department of Industry & Information Technology of Guangdong Province, the New Industry Department of Bureau of Industry & Information Technology of Shenzhen, the Chengdu Automobile Industry Function Zone, the Sino-German Intelligent Connected Automobile Industry Base Management Committee and the Automobile Industry Development Bureau of Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone.

The committee will dedicate its efforts on promoting innovations and industry development in the fields of connected automobiles, intelligent transportation and smart travel. At the inauguration, the committee announced that with the guidance and support from government agencies including Department of Industry & Information Technology of Guangdong Province, it is joining forces with international exhibition expert Baobab Tree Event Company Limited to organize the first edition of the CASTex in Guangzhou in June 2020. The expo, with its theme of “People + Vehicles + City Integration”, will demonstrate the most comprehensive array of development achievements in intelligent connected auto technologies, VICS and V2X solutions. Representatives of the two parties held a simple but important strategic signing ceremony at the inauguration, formally announced the commencement of the organization works of the Expo.

Attendance by 50 Enterprises from Connected Auto and Smart Transportation Industries Signifies Strong support to the Committee and CASTex

The inauguration was attended by more than 50 well-enterprises from the sectors of research & development institutes, planning and design, OEM, smart transportation, vehicle big data monitoring platform, V2X standard setting enterprises, connected automobile inspection site operating enterprises, autonomous driving technology enterprises, communication facilities and operations, Internet of Vehicles, power batteries, urban traffic operators, location service providers, high-precision map providers, laser radar manufacturers, etc., which include: Institute of Software Application Technology, Guangzhou Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Communication Planning & Design Institute, Guangzhou Branch of China United Network Communications Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of Technology New Energy Information Technology Co., Ltd., Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd., Vkan Certification & Testing Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Huagong Motor vehicle Inspection technology Co., Ltd.,, WeRide, Guangzhou Haige Xinghang Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Urban Construction Smart Energy Co., Ltd., and Frontt Dezhi Intelligent Automobile Testing & Evaluation Co., Ltd., etc.

“The two most important tasks of the Guangdong CAST Committee are to promote the cooperation and construction of the Guangdong Province Connected Auto Open Data Public Service Platform and the organization of the 2020 South China Connected Auto and Smart Transport Expo (CASTex). Presently, the exhibitor recruitment of CASTex has already commenced and will soon be launched simultaneously across the country. Furthermore, negotiation on the formation of a Singapore
pavilion at the expo is already under way,” said Guangdong CAST Committee Secretary-General Mr. Calvin Chen.

Ms. Culsin Li, Managing Director of BTE, also commented, “We are very pleased to co-organize the South China Connected Auto and Smart Transport Expo with the Guangdong CAST Committee. BTE’s professional and experienced exhibition management team will dedicate 100% of their expertise and capability to ensure the success of CASTex.”

The First Professional Trade Platform with 100% Industry Focus
Premium Showcase of Core Technologies for Connected Automobile and Smart Transportation CASTex 2020 will present a comprehensive array of core technologies of connected automobiles and smart transportation, including connected automobile and autonomous driving technologies and solutions, intelligent transportation infrastructure, public data services and 5G communication networks, internet of vehicles, high-precision maps, smart cabin, static traffic infrastructure, charging and battery swap facilities, parking systems; hydrogen energy vehicles and refueling station integrated solutions, etc., and showcase the latest cutting-edge technology achievements of the domestic and international industrial chains and related fields. In addition, a series of summit forums held concurrently at CASTex will host industry experts and government leaders to share industry insights and trends, latest government policies, and market information, and to provide an effective networking platform for fostering cooperation and exchange.

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